Apply Process

This page describes the 6 steps in the apply process for you to become a Stallholder at Palm Cove Markets by Rotary Cairns Sunrise | Business Networking

The continued success of the Palm Cove Market relies upon the collective co-operation of stallholders to present high quality handmade products, wellness stalls and a limited offering of food to present a fun and safe family-friendly event.

Rotary Cairns Sunrise, Security & Traffic Control people are here to support you and make things run as smoothly as possible.  We will respect you and expect you to return that goodwill.

Palm Cove Markets are Single-Use Plastic Free and encourage environmentally sustainable products and practices.

A successful market needs rules that apply to everyone. It is a condition of entry that you read the Terms & Conditions – boring maybe but necessary as this defines what is expected of everyone.  Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions may lead to expulsion from the market.

Part of the application asks you to nominate your main product category.  Your Stall may fit into more than one, but please select the main category that applies to you.  You can see a listing of how we have classified products for this market by clicking here.

We will review your application and advise you whether or not you have been successful (usually within 48 hours).

Once your application is approved you will be sent a login code that will enable you to manage your account details, book and pay for a site when one becomes available.

Regular Stallholders are given first priority.  Vacant sites are made available for General Booking 2 weeks before the market day on a first-in basis.

It is a wonderful market, showcasing the many talented artisans and traders of the Cairns and hinterland district.

Stallholder FAQ's

A single stall site is 3m x 3m wide and a double is 3m x 6m.

Larger sites are not always possible – please provide details in your application.

Buskers holding a current Busking Permit issued by Cairns Regional Council are encouraged but must comply with the Terms and Conditions, especially clause 10. 

Buskers should refer to the Busker Apply tab for more information and the Busking Application Form.

Parking is limited and not all sites will have a parking space allocated.  After bump-in if you have not been allocated a parking space along Williams Esplanade you must park in another street without disturbing businesses or residents.

We suggest French Street, Coyota Close or Triton Street.

See Google maps on our Home page.

We appreciate that regular Stallholders, especially those who book multiple markets in advance have a preferred location.

We will maintain that preferred location wherever possible.

Bump-in commences at 6am on the morning of the market.  Because access along Williams Esplanade is one-way only (from Harpa Street to Cedar Road), to ensure a smooth and fair bump-in for all we ask that you time your arrival to suit your stall location colour.

Vehicle Entry Times (via Triton Street/Vievers Road entrance – see Google maps on our Home page):

  • 6:00am to 6:20am – Green & Blue
  • 6:20am to 6:40am – Yellow
  • 6:40am to 7:00am – Purple & Pink
  • 7:00am to 7:20am – Red & Orange
  • 7:30am – Jumping Castle (via Cedar Road) and Free Activity Stalls (via Harpa Street)

Bump-in outside of these time slots will be subject to security and traffic control personnel direction.

Please unload in a safe manner and keep the flow of traffic clear.

Please note that the road will re-open at 4pm.

  • 2:00pm – you can commence your pack up
  • Pack everything to the back of your stall so vehicle traffic can come through easily
  • 2:30pm – Vehicles are allowed to move after you’ve packed up

Please pack up in a safe manner and keep the flow of traffic clear.

Market time is 8am – 2pm

Stallholders & Buskers are required to have Public Liability insurance for a minimum of $20 million.

The Palm Cove Markets are usually only cancelled if there is a cyclone or severe weather warning.

If it is raining or bad weather, please advise if you will not be attending by 7am by texting us on 0424 744 698  or sending us an email using the Contact Us form or at (if you advise more than five business days prior to the market your fees will be credited to another market date; if you cancel within five days your fees are forfeited unless we can fill your site from the waiting list).

The whole market is on the road itself so weights must be used on all marquees

  • The foreshore is likely to experience wind gusts so if you do not have weights you will not be allowed to use your marquee
  • Ideally weights are filled with sand or water and should be 20kg-30kg on each leg. Household objects like milk bottles can be recycled into weights and tied to each corner of the marquee

Payments must be made two weeks prior to the market unless advised of a different deadline.

If you advise before 5:00pm on the Monday before the Market the market your fees will be credited to another market date of your choosing.

If you cancel after Monday but before 5:00pm on the Friday before the Market your fees are forfeited unless we can fill your site from the waiting list.

If you cancel after 5:00pm on the Friday before the Market your fees are forfeited.

When you are approved, you will be given a login to SiteTrak, our booking software.  Once a site has been allocated to your booking, a map confirming your location will be shown there.