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by John

I started woodturning around 12 years ago, and am self taught with the help of online sources. Local Markets have kept me busy for some time, and all items at my stalls are made by myself at home in my "Wood shed" workshop. I am constantly changing and adding to the type of products that I make, often inspired by customer's requests and suggestions.

We are very lucky in North Queensland to have such a large variety of timber to choose from, many beautifully coloured and figured, such as Purple Gidgee, Hairy She-oak, Cedars, Maples, Eucalypts, Acacias, Conkerberry, just to name a few.

Our regular Stall is M05 – see Page 2 of the Market Map

Pot Pourri’s, Vases, Clocks, Pens, Bowls, Pet Urns, 100 year calendars, Cheese knives, Perfume atomisers, Pepper grinders, Salt mills, Key holders, Coat hooks, Fruit, Shoe horns, Calculators, Lamps, Candle holders, Kaleidoscopes, Weather instruments, and customer requests/novelty items e.g.; Mushrooms, spinning tops, honey dippers, Mice etc