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Comfort Bears

Comfort Bears

by Vickie

Unique handmade Bears with personality created from upcycled denim jeans. They are made to be played with and like your favourite old jeans 100%machine washable.

Mainly, I custom make Comfort Bears from yours or loved ones clothing for people that are grieving the loss of a loved one. Having a Bear to cuddle helps with the loss of a loved one, also, makes a great keep sake to pass down to the future family.

First time parent that like the concept of passing on their jeans will often have a Bear made from a combination of Mum and Dads jeans then have their baby’s name embroidered on as a keep sake.

All products are 100% made ethically with love and consideration for the environment and are available to posted all over the world.

Our regular Stall is M13 – see Page 2 of the Market Map

I use the whole jeans and make other upcycled product like pocket belts, bags, aprons and coming soon some funky fashion.

Comfort Bears from second hand denim jeans

Comfort Bears custom made to order

Denim Pocket belts

Denim bags

Denim apron

Coming soon funky upcycled fashion