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Jewellery by Hirani

Jewellery by Hirani

I believe in slow fashion, in taking the time to learn where your stuff comes from, and the story of how it got there.
I also love natural history, and use it as inspiration for my creativity. I'm the sort of person who will bring home a rock, not because it's worth a lot, but because all of the world's processes combined in just the right way to produce something pretty.
I use copper because it is versatile (and affordable) and because it compliments the earthy feel of a lot of my pieces.
When possible I collect my own stones and seeds, and love the process of cutting and prepping before they are jewellery ready. This isn't always practical though, so I do also buy some items.
I like things to be different, so most of my pieces are unique, or at least unusual, but I like to think that they still appeal. I hope you do too.

Our regular Stall is P21 see Page 3 of the Market Map

Using nature for inspiration, and made using copper, sometimes as wire, sometimes electroformed on, what’s available changes all the time.

Earring varieties:
Local seeds, repurposed glass, freshwater pearls, semi precious stones, copper wire.

Pendant varieties:
Local seeds, repurposed glass, freshwater pearls, labradorite, local agate, semi precious stones, crystals, electroformed leaves and shells, woven copper.

Waxed cotton and leather with shells and semi precious stones.

Semi precious stones and freshwater pearls.

Suncatchers and ornaments:
Copper wire, semi precious stones, repurposed glass beads.