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by Olga

I started my business 7 years ago when my youngest daughter Aelita was born. I began to make my product for my children. These are natural fruits and berries filled with juices with the addition of honey. My product is popular among children and their parents, children are attracted by bright colors and funny shapes and multi-colored wrappers, parents like the natural healthy contents and I'm sure everyone likes its taste, especially on a hot tropical day. Welcome to the city markets and I will be glad to treat you you natural homemade ice blocks from juices and berries

Our regular Stall is G07 – see Page 1 of the Market Map

Each ice block has its own unique recipe and name. I love what I do and I always try to improve the quality and extend the range of my product. ” Rainbow Bow” – is the most popular ice block. It is made from different juices such as strawberry, mango, pineapple, kiwi, coconut cream, dragon fruit, and blueberry. Children love this colorful mixture of colors and juices.
“Tutti frutti ” is made from 7 different fruits and berries and poured with a mixture of mango and passionfruit juices. This block I made for my son, it is his favourite.
“Strawberry Heart ” My daughters favourite, this ice block is made from strawberry juice, with strawberry pieces with the addition of natural honey.
“Smiley is made from mango juice with honey.
“Tropicana” contains mango and passionfruit juice and a piece of kiwi. “Exotic ” has acai berry, coconut cream and coconut water.
” Fruit yoghurt” has pieces of different melons, strawberries