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Kaz Bags

Kaz Bags

by Karen

My name is Karen (Kaz) for short!
I have been a local to Cairns for the past 36 years, and 4 years ago I took to painting. The first time I painted and made bags was for my girls for Christmas presents they were delighted with them, and said Mum should make and sell these at the local markets, so here I am with having now made and sold over a 1000 bags!
I love it when people say to me oh! I have one or even two of your bags it brings a smile to my face and to think some ladies have opened up there Christmas present to find something I have made 100% how good is that. So come on down to the Palm Cove Markets on the first Sunday of the month and checkout my work you wont be disappointed. KAZ.

Our regular Stall is Y14 see Page 2 of the Market Map

Ladies Clutch bags in different sizes Small, Medium, Large. some with a black leather cross body straps.

Glasses cases for Sunnies and Readers

Passort Holders (takes up to 4 passports)

Credit Card Holders