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Marian Wolfs Ceramics

Marian Wolfs Ceramics

Marian Wolfs is ceramicist and artist who has been involved on a professional level with art and design throughout her adult life, spanning three countries. Her studio in Whitfield, Cairns is set in a lush tropical garden. Marian's work is defined by her love of form. Glazes are developed through experimentation, the application a process in response to the form and surface of the vessel. Marian's aesthetics are rooted in her European background and influenced by the natural and cultural environment of tropical Queensland.
Marian uses a variety of clay bodies and techniques such as hand-building and wheel throwing to create her ceramics before they are fired in a kiln powered by solar energy.

Our regular Stall is P08 – see Page 3 of the Market Map

Lyrics series: porcelain vessels in two sizes.

Tapas series: stoneware plates, bowls, platters in black & white design.

Speckle series: multiple fired stoneware bowls in variable sizes.

Stripe series: cups, vases and small planters with carved lines in black & white.

Shell series: stoneware bowls each with unique pattern in black & white.

T-cups: porcelain cups in various colours.

Relief series: water-etched porcelain vessels.

One-off ceramic design and artwork.