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Nikki Bishop Kiln fired originals

Nikki Bishop Kiln Fired Originals

Nikki was originally trained in 1978 as a porcelain artist in the European style. Her work has graced many homes & businesses in Cairns & Australia
She is passionate about the environment & turned her talents to glasswork during the 1990s
She transforms windows, shelving & other glass destined for landfill into practical & beautiful objects such as snack , cheese, dukka & tapas platters.
She hand paints wine glasses & champagne flutes finishing them with liquid gold.
Her use of colour in glass is a unique feature of her wor k
As a novelty item she melts wine, spirit & beer bottles & transforms them into platters, utensil rests or unique clocks which can be made to order.

Our regular Stall is R15 – see Page 3 of the Market Map

Wine glasses, champagne flutes, tapas plates, snack platters . Flattened bottles as clocks & items of decor.