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Vintage Busy Bee

Vintage Busy Bee

by Angela

I like to find an artistic use for vintage items. hence my interest in cutting up old china to make jewelery.
I have re-invented the old Australian craft of blanket stitch bags and boxes using my own selection of vintage images.
On my travels I like to collect vintage costume jewelery to share with customers.

Our regular Stall is Y08 – see Page 2 of the Market Map

Exotic, handmade Solid Perfume Blocks sourced from the souks of Morocco.  Beautiful Cailloux from France…… handmade perfume rocks exquisitely blended by an Intuitive Perfumer. She also makes Perfumed Ribbons to purify your space.

Our Hamam Range includes;
Cold-pressed Argan Oil, Rose or Orange Blossom Hydrosol, Beldi Black Soap, Clay Face Masks, Body Scrub & Lotion, Face Serum & Cream, After-shave Lotion, Essential Oils & Roll-ons.

All products sourced from Morocco & packaged by us contain Organic ingredients and are Free-trade, supporting womens’ cooperatives.

Several of the Essential Oil Blends & Serums are blended by us.